DRi’s team helps us ‘dream big’ about what our organization can accomplish and shows us how to get there.
Bill Schmidt, CEO
Foundation Fighting Blindness
Strategic Planning

Most non-profits are running so fast that they find it difficult to take the time necessary to plan rather than just react to day-to-day, as well as big picture challenges. At the same time, the planning process can be overwhelming, making many organizations reluctant to enter into the process.

DRi’s strategic planning services eliminate the stressful aspects of this process. DRi serves as a dedicated partner in helping your organization determine its future direction for years to come. Our comprehensive process relies on collecting data and discussing the findings, organizational goals, and the overall mission in order to lay out the specific actionable and measurable strategies, activities, budgets, and staffing plans that will guide your organization. We believe a solid strategic plan can and should guide an organization's future and that the process itself is incredibly beneficial to the organization.