“Martha’s Table has a great brand and strong programs and a reputation built over 33 years of hard work -  but like so many nonprofits our development strategies and systems had been neglected.  DRI changed all of that.   They started with an analysis of the situation and quickly moved to recommendations but perhaps most importantly they then provided the straightforward tools and quality training so we could rapidly implement the highest priority changes.   DRI not only improved our systems, skills and efforts – our fundraising rose dramatically in the first six months of implementing these changes.”

Patty Stonesifer, President & CEO, Martha's Table

Current Projects

American International Health Alliance (AIHA)  – DRi has been leading American International Health Alliance in developing its Board, and has begun recruiting new members who will help AIHA take the steps needed to ensure a sustainable future.  After evaluating and updating the Board’s policies and bylaws, we worked with current leaders to assess AIHA’s future needs and to understand who will be the ideal additions to the Board. After a thorough process to identify and recruit the top candidates, DRi will conduct detailed on-boarding sessions to orient the new Board members to their positions. To learn about AIHA’s role in advancing global health, visit their website here. 

Army Emergency Relief (AER) – In 2014 and 2015, DRi worked with Army Emergency Relief to successfully develop a strategic plan that identified top priorities, goals and objectives and recommended strategies to help the organization better meet the financial needs of soldiers.  We are pleased to be collaborating with AER again on its next strategic plan that will update organizational priorities and determine strategies to move AER forward as it continues to grow. To see how AER assists soldiers, visit their website here.

Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) - After completing a strategic fundraising plan with the Brain Injury Association of America, DRi is pleased to be working with BIAA to complete comprehensive fundraising training, as well. We are working closely with BIAA’s Board of Directors to train and significantly increase Board members’ role in fundraising. Our training plan works with Board members and the Development Committee to engage them in prospect identification, foster active participation in key fundraising activities, and develop first-hand stories of their experience with BIAA to expand its advocacy and impact. DRi is proud of our partnership with BIAA and of encouraging its long-term commitment to increasing philanthropy within the association. See some of the critical programs BIAAs fundraising supports here.

Martha's Table – DRi has been collaborating with Martha’s Table to develop and professionalize a comprehensive fundraising strategy that is supporting a significant service expansion. Our collaboration has generated new direct mail programs, an enhanced Federal Giving Campaign, a new Legacy program, and a corporate sponsorship program.  We recently worked with Martha’s Table to develop and executive a capital campaign in the D.C. area. DRi has also completed executive searches that have placed staff to lead the organization’s new fundraising program, including a Director of Development, Major Gift Officer, and an Assistant Director of Institutional Giving.