DRi's Leadership Coach, Cindy O'Kane, has decades of experience working with a wide variety of executives. We believe in coaching the 'whole person,' not just the business problem at hand. As a business confidant and trusted advisor, we work closely with leaders to understand how they think, how they approach challenges, and how they engage with their teams. We help them identify their blind-spots and what may be holding them back. When leaders bring forth their greatest strengths and tap into those of their organization, as well as the individuals within, they are better-positioned for positive growth and the probability of success.

We craft our client relationships to meet individual needs. These typically include:
  • Identifying their unique leadership presence
  • Maintaining a sense of calm during contentious situations
  • Adopting a 'growth (vs. fixed) mindset'
  • Improving communication styles
  • Fostering a 'learning environment' in an organization
  • Optimizing team performance
  • Building resilience
  • Building and managing a successful team
Fundraising Training
Good fundraisers are hard to find and non-profits often need help identifying young, talented staff and teaching them how to fundraise. DRcan help you do that. We have trained hundreds of fundraisers on how to deliver results and how to be an asset to their organization. We can also help you work through the complexities of building and managing a development team.

DRi can provide an onsite, personalized workshop for your staff/volunteers on topics including: fundraising, management and/or presentation skills.