In 2001, Jennifer Dunlap and Nancy Racette, each having worked over twenty-five years as senior leaders at the American Red Cross, CARE, United Way, Easter Seals Society, and the Girl Scouts of America, decided it was time to start a company of their own.

They knew from first-hand observation and experience that well-run and properly staffed non-profit organizations make the world a fundamentally better place. Having seen non-profits feed starving children, save the lives of war-torn refugees and provide young adults otherwise unaffordable educations, they regarded the work of these organizations essential to a functioning world.

As they looked at the non-profit environment to which they had devoted their professional lives, they saw a need for a consulting firm that could help organizations take a comprehensive and strategic approach to their fundraising, staffing, governance and leadership needs. The goal was to build a firm that delivered effective solutions at a fair price.

They knew they could deliver value by thinking differently about the client relationship and by designing individualized, quality solutions instead of offering cookie cutter answers to complex questions. DRi would keep close direct contact with the client. With two tried and true veterans at the helm, it would seek out talented people for its staff while staying current with, and excited about, its clientele. It would make the choice to champion what is right over what is easy and have the courage to advise its clients to do the same.