Candidate Testimonials

DRi is committed to its candidates, helping them navigate the executive search process from start to finish. We abide by the AESC Bluesteps Candidate Bill of Rights and recommend candidates review this important information. Click here to learn more.


"What sets DRi Consulting apart from other search firms is their warm professionalism and seamless recruitment and placement process. I felt they were with me on the entire journey from beginning to end. They kept me focused and informed and gave me the support and confidence a candidate embraces when going through what can be a nerve wracking process. Nancy and Crystal responded to my questions in a timely manner, and were my advocates and cheerleaders when I was offered the job. They also were very sensitive and knowledgeable about the right job fit and easily identified my strengths and qualifications for a perfect match. I would, and already have, recommended them as the best search firm in the DC area."

Toni Johnson, Vice President, Major & Planned Giving at American Association of University Women (AAUW) - 2014

"DRi was an absolute pleasure to work with during my recent employment search. From the first phone interview to the first day in my new position, the team made every effort to be responsive, transparent, and thoughtful as they worked with (what was to be) my future employer during the hiring process. The end result was a successful match and for this, I highly recommend working with DRi." 

Ellen Root, Director of Corporate Development at American Association of University Women (AAUW) - 2013

"DRi is staffed with exceptional individuals who truly care for the wellbeing of both company and candidate. Your knowledge of fundraising and what qualities make a good match are evident in your professional management of clients. What impressed me most about DRi was your warmth and willingness to celebrate my placement at Ocean Conservancy."

Carleigh McDonald, Development Officer at Ocean Conservancy - 2012

"It was a thrill and honor to work with DRi. Their staff represent the definition for integrity and they work very hard for their clients. It was obvious from the first conversation that they know Development and Fundraising and how organizations and individuals both can be successful based on a quality matching of like minds. I was hugely impressed with their commitment to respond quickly to inquiries I had, and celebrate with me when I was offered a job. DRI has a great team, one you won't regret working with."

Matthew Lider, Development Officer at Ocean Conservancy - 2012