Board development and recruitment are critical components of a healthy and successful non-profit organization. Unfortunately, many non-profits do not view the Board as having an important business function and leave its growth and development to a reactive rather than proactive approach.  We have seen that developing a recruitment function while also working with the current Board to maximize their service greatly enhances an organization’s level of success.

Board Development
Organizations must remember that Board members are the lead volunteers of an organization and give their time to a cause they care about without compensation. On the other hand, Board members need to understand that they have a responsibility to the organizations they serve and that their membership is a critical component of the success of an organization.

Selecting the right individuals is one way to enhance the effectiveness of a Board.  However, maximizing the engagement of current board members is equally important.  A disciplined and focused Board development program can greatly increase both the productivity and satisfaction of Board members. DRi uses a process that elevates the Board, taking them where the organization needs them to be.

Our process includes:
  • An assessment of the current Board 
  • Articulation of the expectations of the Board
  • Adequate training and education of Board members
DRi will also help with getting Board members to work as a coordinated team.  Board members need each other’s support and need to get to know each other as colleagues who share a common mission. If they exchange ideas at regularly scheduled Board meetings, in committees, and informally between meetings, they are much more likely to actively support and promote the organization’s brand and fundraising idea.